About Us

The Beaconsfield Ball Hockey League (BBHL) is a non-profit organization that began as a way to fulfill the need of young and old alike to play hockey. As Canadians, it is our duty to practice our national pastime (I know it`s lacrosse) in any way, shape or form be it playing professionally on ice or simply supporting your favorite team on TV. This is the best way we figured out how to give back.

Originally located in the minute gymnasium at the Beaconsfield Recreational Center, the BBHL moved in 2007-2008 to a more spacious and hockey-friendly atmosphere in the John Abbott College gymnasium. It then moved to Club West-Island for 5 years and became a Drafted Hockey League. This helped keep the peace as your rival one year may be your teammate the next.  We are proud to present the 2016-2017 edition of the BBHL (11th year, 12th season) at the always entertaining venue Le Dome West-Island in Kirkland. Most regular season games are played Saturday afternoon, simply because: What else is there better to do on a Saturday Afternoon night?

The League is run by Founder Nicholas Mumme and his executive committee, J-M Maurice (Website Admin) and Eddie Piazza (League Representative and Player Safety), Greg Kelley (Media), Justin Pugliese (Treasurer) and Derek Del Grosso (Events)

Our Main Goals :

– Enjoying Saturday Afternoons of Hockey and a pint (or two!) while catching the Habs game
– Forge enduring relationships
– Just having fun! (with a little intramural competition)

© The BBHL , 2005.