BBHL 21-22: YOU’RE IN!


It is with great pleasure that we are officially welcoming you to the BBHL 2021-2022 season!

After more than a year off, we finally all have an excuse to live again, at least on Saturdays. You, along with 104 of your compatriots will embark on the quest for the Grinder’s Cup!

Here are some important dates for you to circle off in your calendar:


LIVE Draft– Saturday October 2nd, 4:00pm at Le Club Dome

We encourage you all to come and watch the 7 captains and assistant captains stress out and overthink every pick they make. 


Ball Drop– Saturday October 9th, 4:00pm at the Le Club Dome


And now we present to you, your 7 captains and assistant captains:


Ryan Gore – Kingsmen

Brandon Runnings – Churchers

Andrew Palucci – PCU

Ben Godfrey – Ducks

Ryam Lemay – Blades of Steel

Shawn Sproule – Blazers

Ryan Patulli – Punishers

Assistant Captains:

Alex Lemay – PCU

Lucas Scullion – Ducks

Justin Romeo – Kingsmen

Ryan Handfield – Churchers

Danny Andrfkldjflk;dsj – Blazers

Eric Spensieri – Punishers

Tyler Watt – Blades of Steel

Once the draft is completed, trade deadline will close at our Holiday break, the night of our Christmas Party.


IF you cannot make it, the results of the draft will be posted on our site, and your captain will contact you before opening day to welcome you to the team.

We are also welcoming our league sponsor and our 7 team sponsors for this season, one for each team! If you have any questions or interests about our sponsors, please do not hesitate to contact us or the person in question directly.

**P.S.: Be assured that all your vaccination proofs that were sent in for registration have been deleted for your confidentiality.**

Saturdays are for the boys!

Your BBHL Admin Team,